Lviv IT Cluster Encourages IT Companies to Join Us on the Tax Pay Forward Initiative

Heavy fighting continued throughout Ukraine on the sixth day of the conflict, with the Armed Forces of Ukraine fighting bravely against an enemy in heaven and on earth. Hundred of thousands are joining the ranks of the Territorial Defense Forces, millions are joining their volunteer movement, and all citizens across Ukraine are showing to the whole world what strength, unity, and courage looks like!

Currently, Ukrainian IT specialists are on the front line fighting the cyber war, and companies in Ukraine, despite everything else, are trying to save their businesses and the jobs of their staff, making an important contribution to increasing the defense capabilities of the country. So, it might be realistic to expect each and every Ukrainian citizen to do everything possible to fight the enemy.

In April-May, third group entrepreneurs have to pay taxes for the first quarter of 2022, in particular, single social contribution tax.  However, the Lviv IT Cluster asks IT entrepreneurs to make tax payments ahead of this timeline, we call these ‘tax pay forward’. We urge you to pay the single social contribution tax not before April 18 and May 19, respectively, but right now. This primarily concerns all Ukrainian individual entrepreneurs (FOP) employed in tech jobs on contract basis, freelancers who’re using digital tools to gain freedom through remote work, and tech entrepreneurs who develop their own products.

The state sphere of social services and united territorial communities suffered a devastating blow as a result of the Russian invasion that did immense damage to the whole infrastructure and the economy.  However, Ukrainians are proud of their country and do not simply give up. Therefore, we can provide additional budget support to local authorities when they need it most, thanks to the solidarity volunteer movement and professional associations.

Forward tax payment by third group entrepreneurs will help not only the state, including recipients of social benefits, but also local authorities that are now forming the rear of the Ukrainian military and territorial defense, facing humanitarian challenges, and giving a helping hand to those who are forced to leave their hometowns.

Today, more than ever, it is important for us to concentrate all our efforts on helping the army and the state. Tax pay forward is one step in an important direction. After all, everyone can provide support to Ukraine within their capacity.