Lviv IT Cluster Launches Education Committee

29 Oct, 2021

For five years, Lviv IT Cluster has been actively promoting technical education in Lviv, creating new educational programs, laboratories, spaces, and organizing interesting lectures and projects in collaboration with member companies. Through common efforts, we modernize all educational sectors of the city, including secondary school, vocational education, and higher education institutions. The quantity of Cluster’s educational programs grows every year, and, accordingly, the need for expert assistance and quality characterization of present and future initiatives arises. As a result, this fall, Lviv IT Cluster is launching the Education Committee.

Representatives of the leading education stakeholders will join the committee. Among them are the IT companies and education sector professionals, including heads of educational institutions and education departments of Lviv City Council and Lviv IT Cluster, who have been actively working on developing IT education in Lviv.

The Main Education Committee:

  1. Andriy Dvorchyn, Interlogic, HR Director
  2. Andriy Pereymybida, SoftServe, Talent Acceleration Center Director
  3. Serhii Shcherbak, EPAM, Head of educational programs in the Western and Southern regions
  4. Roman Pavlyuk, Intellias, VP, Head of Technology Office
  5. Igor Salamin, PlVision, Head of Human Capital 
  6. Eugene Sakalo, GlobalLogic, Head of the university program in Ukraine
  7. Stepan Veselovskyi, Lviv IT Cluster, CEO
  8. Zenoviy Veres, SoftServe, NULP, Head of Lviv IT Cluster Educational Committee
  9. Julia Tsymbala, Lviv IT Cluster, Head of Educational Department
  10. Khrystyna Horbas, Avenga, Academy Manager

The Main Committee was constituted by people with extensive experience in the education field. As the Lviv IT Cluster team develops and modernizes education programs in Lviv universities, it was agreed to organize the additional committee. The additional committee includes representatives from the education sphere and the universities that Lviv IT Cluster collaborates with,  to solve university or school issues at joint meetings and sessions.

The Additional Committee:

  1. Vitaliy Kukharskiy, Vice-Rector for Scientific and Pedagogical Work and Informatization of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
  2. Petro Zhezhnych, Vice-Rector for Scientific and Pedagogical Work and Informatization of Lviv Polytechnic National University
  3. Yaroslav Prytula, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences at Ukrainian Catholic University
  4. Taras Rak, IT Step University,  Vice Rector.

The Education Committee’s major purpose is to focus on the following issues:

  • Lviv education development strategy improvement;
  • industry experts involvement in teaching and mentoring process; 
  • collaboration with universities: assistance for the current programs, involvement of new programs to be supported by Lviv IT Cluster;
  • generating new projects ideas for the development of education;
  • creation of a grading system for educational programs;
  • expert review of Ministry of Digital Transformation and Ministry of Education and Science’s suggestions for IT education reform in Ukraine;
  • expert control over the implementation of educational projects of Lviv IT Cluster;

“I am happy that our team is always coming up with new initiatives and improving on existing ones. For a few years, we’ve launched dozens of outstanding educational programs that now require consolidation and strategic vision for the future. New initiatives are sprouting, and those that have already been established are expanding, requiring the formation of the Education Committee. The committee will allow making a qualitative assessment of projects and decide on technical education reformation and development strategy. I hope that, together with our community experts, we will support our current initiatives and qualitatively modernize education in Lviv,” comments Stepan Veselovskyi, CEO at Lviv IT Cluster.

The Education Committee is currently working on the problem of incorporating mentors into the educational programs of Lviv IT Cluster. A Mentorship support program will be launched soon.

Keep up with the updates of the Education Committee functioning at the Lviv IT Cluster website.