Lviv IT Cluster Launches Projects to Counteract New Threats

26 Feb, 2022

Our team is safe and we continue working without weekends and breaks for the entire IT-industry and Ukraine. Below we’ll briefly inform you about the projects that are currently implemented by Lviv IT Cluster.

1. We are supporting centers for temporarily displaced persons in Lviv and the region. Lviv IT Cluster is involved in the arrangement of such centers and takes a large number of them under our supervision. Many people are now displaced to Lviv, including the tech industry and tech companies’ representatives.

If you seek a house for your employees in Lviv, Cluster will provide maximum help. If you need help with settling people who have come to Lviv, please contact:

Anna Breus:
Iryna Skits:

The project of providing support to centers of temporarily displaced persons also needs your financial help. We encourage Cluster member companies to donate for this important humanitarian initiative. Almost 500,000 UAH has already been donated. The fundraising continues.

To financially support the project, please contact Olya Maksym

2. The Lviv Regional Military Administration together with BotsCrew with the support of Lviv IT Cluster has launched a bot that helps to find a temporary home or shelter for those who are forced to move to Lviv. Please share this information with your employees. This is another opportunity for the temporarily displaced persons to find housing and for the Lviv region residents – to help displaced Ukrainians. Share and use these channels.

Bot Shelters for Ukrainians on Telegram:

Bot Shelters for Ukrainians on Facebook:


3. We are building an international coalition of world and tech media.

All IT companies now receive many messages from their customers, and we receive a large number of inquiries from reputable international media. We highlight the positions of managers and owners of companies, as well as their clients, who are ready to act as spokespersons in communication with the media and tell how companies, even in such circumstances, fulfill their obligations. Now it is important to support Ukraine and our IT business.

If you are a large international media or IT company and ready to share your experience, please contact Vira

4. From February 25, 22:00 – 6:00, a curfew was imposed in Lviv. It happens that buses with IT companies employees arrive in Lviv after 22:00. In this case, if you are stopped by the police or territorial defense, please explain the situation politely. Usually, there is no problem.

Our secretariat works with the Lviv Military Administration to receive passes for companies and people who are forced to move after 22:00 to support the work of your company and to meet your employees who come to Lviv from different cities.

5. Our BCP team works and provides advice and assistance to Cluster member companies. We also have an Emergency Chat Lviv IT Cluster, where we constantly share only credible information. The head of the Cluster’s BCP team is Nestor If you are an IT company and need help or advice, please contact the head of the BCP team.

6. Co-sharing of office space.

IT companies from other regions of Ukraine are being evacuated to Lviv. Lviv IT Cluster will process requests from such companies. If your company is not currently using your office space at full capacity, and the company is considering sharing with small relocated IT companies, please fill out the form.

After filling out the form, the responsible person Yaryna Voznyak will contact you

And last but not least: donate to the army! This can be done as follows:

  1. Come Back Alive Fund:
There are still many new projects that we cannot talk about publicly now, but they are being implemented by the Cluster. We will talk about everything after the victory.