Lviv IT Cluster Supports Creatives

05 Nov, 2018

Lviv IT Cluster supports the most interesting and creative Ukrainian projects. This time, the Cluster has become a partner of Creatives – an online media which tells stories about successful representatives of the Ukrainian creative industry.

Creatives is an online platform aimed to tell stories about leaders of creative industries, slow media about Ukrainians who are successful, founded by the creators of The Ukrainians. “We want to motivate Ukrainians to develop their creative potential, talk about successful practical cases and provide information that will help them start new projects and implement ideas. We’re confident that creativity is what really drives the modern society. For us, creativity is not an abstract concept, but a characteristic everyone has since birth. The only thing we need to do is to develop it, say the founders of Creatives.

Lviv IT Cluster willingly supports extraordinary and high-quality projects, therefore we decided to join Creatives, the media with inspirational content. “The IT sphere is the main environment of the creative class, as well as the driving force for the development of other creative industries. The creative economy is something that Lviv has been focusing on during the recent years, and what all Ukrainian cities should pay attention to.

We could not miss an opportunity to support a project with unique and high-quality content, with interesting personalities and inspirational stories. In particular, those related to the high technology industry. We work with Creatives to motivate, learn, empathize and develop together,” comments Stepan Veselovskyi, CEO, Lviv IT Cluster.

Last year, Lviv IT Cluster together with The Ukrainians launched a project called “Technology of Success”– series of interviews with successful Ukrainian tech entrepreneurs.