Lviv IT Cluster Resumes the IT Village Project

11 May, 2022


The large-scale Russian offensive has impacted all spheres of life and business. However, during the two months of the ongoing war, we have adapted to the new reality and continue operating to support the state, the IT industry, and tech professionals.

According to the services that monitor the real estate market, 71 out of 189 construction sites in Lviv have resumed their work. IT Village is no exception. The project revamps its work and reopens reservations of the land plots.

Why resuming construction is relevant now

More than 200,000 temporarily displaced people have arrived in Lviv. As part of solving the city’s housing problem, the first modular town for migrants was opened. This is an important step forward in helping people who have fled their homes because of the war. Based on the Ministry of Infrastructure’s reports, almost 30% of the architecture was damaged or destroyed in the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. Its recovery will amount to more than $100 billion.

This infrastructure challenge has enhanced the relevance of the IT Village project. According to the approximate assessment, the number of IT professionals staying in Lviv and the region varies between 70,000 and 100,000. Obviously, not all those who relocated to Lviv will remain in the city. Lviv IT Cluster hopes that every specialist who wants to return to their hometown will be able to do that. However, there will be a certain percentage of people who will stay in Lviv. Thus, the number of IT professionals in the city will definitely increase, entailing the question of where they will live and whether they will have conditions for a comfortable stay.

This issue was one of the priorities for the Lviv IT Cluster before the war. Therefore, in 2018, the IT Village project was launched, intent on uniting IT professionals in a modern suburban space 9 km from Lviv. Houses in the IT Village are divided into five types. Each type differs by the number of building’s floors and planning. Due to the full-scale war, the construction was stopped. However, now IT Village is resuming its work.

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Benefits of living in IT Village

Safety has always been the IT Village’s high priority. Every house type in the project allows adding a reliable shelter to the construction plan at the design or even at the early construction phase. Most residents have already planned comfortable shelters in their houses. Each participant has the opportunity to be involved in all stages of construction. They can join to draw a house’s floor plan with a reliable shelter for their own needs together with the architects.

Moreover, the IT Village will be a closed-type territory under 24-hour surveillance, including video surveillance around the perimeter.

Still, the main benefit of IT Village is its community. Living next to like-minded people makes life more comfortable. Colleagues become friends and neighbors here, organize the space around them together, are on guard for each other’s safety, and ready to lend a helping hand in any situation.

What is happening on the construction site right now

At present, the third construction stage continues in the IT Village. Facade works have already started in the houses of the first stage. Now, upon the resumption of the land plots booking, visits to the IT Village become possible at any convenient time to see what your future home may look like and ask all the questions.

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If you are interested in this project and want to discover the IT Village, fill out the form at the link below, and the project manager will contact you.