Lviv IT Cluster Launches Mentors Support Program

06 Dec, 2021

Thanks to the updated education programs of the Lviv IT Cluster, more than 4,000 students in Lviv receive a high-quality, specialized education that meets the requirements of the modern market. Mentors from Lviv IT Cluster member companies help students to improve technical specialties.

To support mentors, Cluster launches a mentoring support program and encourages them to join the mentoring community.

Mentoring support is an important stage of the education process. Specialists are sharing practical knowledge and skills with students. And by their example, motivate students to development and self-improvement. Today, about a hundred mentors help students to master the profession in 17 updated education programs.

The Mentors Support Program aims to combine the interests and needs of mentors, the companies they represent, and the universities where the education programs operate. It will improve the development of IT education in Lviv. The Program will also promote the interest of specialists in external mentoring, promote mentoring as an important stage of employee development, and help develop the mentoring community of Lviv IT Cluster.

Benefits from Lviv IT Cluster:

  1. Recognition of the mentor: certificates from IT Cluster, involvement in the Cluster’s promotional activities (publications on the website or in the ITID magazine).
  2. Mentors’ photo on the website of the education program and the Cluster’s website.
  3. Ticket to the IT Arena conference.
  4. Branded hoodie “IT Cluster Mentor”.
  5. Participation in the Mentors Community.

Mentors Community is an informal community of IT professionals who join the mentoring of students in the education programs of Lviv IT Cluster. Each participant can be both a mentor and a mentee, as this community is designed to facilitate the exchange of mentoring experiences, personal skills, and networking between like-minded people.

Advantages of Mentors Community:

  1. Soft skills development, training in working with mentee(including students).
  2. Concierge service for a mentor from Lviv IT Cluster team (for all issues related to the educational process).
  3. Networking and support from mentors.

 IT companies define the benefits of participating in the Mentoring Support Program independently. Lviv IT Cluster recommends including mentoring with students in the mentor’s growth matrix.

We invite IT companies to join the Mentors Support Program and modernize IT education together.

Companies already with us:



For more detailed information about the project, contact Julia Tsymbala, Head of Education at Lviv IT Cluster