LvivLand – Your Videopedia About Life, Culture, and Business in Lviv

08 Aug, 2019
LvivLand – your videopedia about Lviv, life, culture, and business. LvivLand  – is a KindGeek social project, which aims to describe Lviv through creative videos.  Kindgeek is a full-stack software company in Lviv. The idea of the project came after continuous communication between the company`s co-founders and managers with their clients from different countries. Kindgeek representatives faced the problem of lack of awareness and stereotypes about Ukraine. So they decided to show how everything is well here. 

Video content has been dominating for a long time on the web, but there is still a lack of high quality and informative content about Lviv, as Kindgeek co-founders think. That’s why Anton Skrypnyk, СЕО of KindGeek and Yura Gnatyuk, COO of KindGeek decided to change that and to start spreading information about Lviv. Oleksandra Denysenko, Business Development Manager at KindGeek is responsible for the development of this social project. “It’s a great project with a cherished goal and new challenges, I couldn’t pass up. A month from a starting point we released a first video, which got about 300,000 views on Facebook. This data showed us that the project is demanded.”  – Sasha tells. When the company started to search for contractors we were surprised to meet so many young, creative and professional people.”

Every video about Lviv is dedicated to a topic about different aspects of life. The first LvivLand video which was released in 2017 displayed modern Lviv, culture, science, hospitality and opportunities of the city in facts and numbers. The main purpose of the second video is to show the infrastructure of Lviv. Citizens of Lviv are getting more and more opportunities for global transfer: better roads, free borders, more international transport links, as well as air operators.
The third video of the project was dedicated to the winter holidays. The holiday season is always amazing in Lviv. This video became the most popular: it got 800,000 views in three months.  What can be better than Christmas under the accompaniment of choral singing of “Schedryk”.

The fourth video was inspired by friends and partners from abroad, who are always pleasantly surprised by the variety of restaurants, service and, prices in Lviv – it is about the gastronomical culture of the city. The fifth video describes religion – an important cultural and architecture part of Lviv. While filming, the founders of the project find out a lot of new information about Lviv. Thus Lviv never stops amaze even Lviv citizens.

The newest LvivLand video tells about different events in Lviv. Lviv is considered a cultural capital of Ukraine, and events and festivals are an important part of cultural life. Music, theater and dance festivals, historic renovations, technology conferences, literary conventions and forums, art exhibitions and symposia, street food festivals and retro car competitions, and more!

LvivLand – is of one of the company’s social responsibility project. Displaying all aspects of the life of Lviv, the development and enriching of the city and its society is very important for us, as a company. KindGeek is also a result of Lviv development. That’s what we’re talking about.

There will be many videos about Lviv ahead. We hope they will make you feel the atmosphere of Lviv, encourage you to visit it and maybe even fall in love. KindGeek invites everyone to use our videos, all of them are available and free to download. From local to global!

Download videos here.