Lviv IT Cluster Unites a Record Number of 100 Companies

03 Aug, 2020

We are pleased to announce that one more company joined Lviv IT Cluster, which makes the total number of our members 100. Thus, the community of Lviv IT Cluster member-companies is now the largest among tech and business associations in Ukraine. Over the past 9 years, from Lviv, IT Cluster has grown from several companies into a robust and influential business community in Ukraine, which has implemented numerous successful projects that are changing our city and country.

The activities of Lviv IT Cluster are aimed at strengthening the IT industry position at the local and state levels, the development of Ukrainian tech education, infrastructure, and the promotion of Lviv as a city where advanced technologies are developing. Among the most important Lviv IT Cluster projects are the tech conference IT Arena and Lviv IT Jazz business conference. Besides, Lviv IT Cluster member-companies are involved in the modernization and development of new bachelor programs within the frames of IT Expert project, and their IT specialists tell students about opportunities in tech within the frames of IT Future project. Since 2016, 14 innovative bachelor programs have been launched at 3 universities in Lviv (Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ivan Franko National University, and LNULS), which is the biggest indicator in Ukraine.
“The number of IT companies in Lviv and our community are growing. Lviv IT Cluster is a progressive community that strives to make our city as comfortable as the leading European cities through the development of infrastructure and quality of tech education. Having reached the mark of 100 companies, we confidently hold the lead position among the largest association of tech companies. We have a large number of promising projects ahead to develop the IT industry in our city and country,” says  Stepan Veselovskyi, CEO at Lviv IT Cluster.

“Lviv IT Cluster has grown significantly not only in terms of the number of participants but also the scale of projects. We are ready to share our experience with other tech clusters and associations in Ukraine. We strive not only to develop the IT industry in Lviv but also to help Ukraine become a tech country,” maintains Ivan Babichuk, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Lviv IT Cluster.

Numerous projects implemented by Lviv IT Cluster would not be possible without the support and active participation of companies that are members of our association. Lviv IT Cluster has also initiated large-scale changes in Lviv, including the construction of the Innovation District IT Park, a technology center for 10,000 IT specialists. The association conducts surveys about the city’s IT market and its trends as part of the annual detailed IT Research initiative.

As a reminder, since March, Lviv IT Cluster has been supporting healthcare workers and the city in the fight against the spread of COVID-19 within the frames of the United for Health project. Mass testing of the population and targeted testing of high-risk groups, particularly healthcare workers and journalists, was launched in Lviv and the region. Together with Lviv IT companies, Cluster provided PCR labs with personal protective equipment. Jointly with the Lviv Regional State Administration, an insurance program for medical staff in Lviv and the region was launched. In addition, a map of tracking the spread of coronavirus and a chat-bot for health monitoring were created. In May, IT Arena organized an online hackathon Hack the New World in cooperation with the Lviv Tech Angels Investors Club and ELEKS. The hackathon aimed to find solutions that would help businesses and residents of Lviv to adapt to post-quarantine life.