Lviv IT Cluster Joins the Medical Insurance Initiative

28 Apr, 2020

As part of the United for health initiative, Lviv IT Cluster has contributed financially to the insurance payments fund for healthcare professionals in Lviv and the region.

Lviv Regional State Administration initiated insurance of healthcare personnel in Lviv and the region. In cooperation with a number of partners, the administration is creating an Insurance Stabilization Fund for medical staff who contracted coronavirus. In particular, a lump payment of 15,000 UAH  will be provided to healthcare workers who were diagnosed with coronavirus infection with a PCR test.

Lists of healthcare workers will be compiled based on data provided by hospitals, which serve as pandemic centers and admit patients with COVID-19. The insurance fund will be managed by UNIQA, an official partner of Lviv IT Cluster.

Lviv IT Cluster made a financial contribution using the funds raised as part of the United for health initiative.

“The medical staff has been working in tough conditions amid the pandemic and due to insufficient funding of the healthcare sector and low pay the employees receive. Lviv IT community has decided to join this initiative and support medical personnel,” commented Stepan Veselovskyi, CEO at Lviv IT Cluster.

EPAM and ELEKS made a significant contribution to the medical insurance initiative.

Lviv IT Cluster’s initiative United for Health continues to raise funds for express tests for Lviv and the region. Everyone is welcome to donate. All details about the initiative and how to contribute can be found here.