Lviv IT Cluster Sums Up Results of Admission Campaign 2021

23 Aug, 2021

Lviv IT Cluster is actively working on educational projects aimed at the reformation, improvement, and development of modern bachelor’s programs. University admission campaign 2021 is finished, and in September more than one thousand newcomers will begin studying at programs created in collaboration between the universities and Lviv IT Cluster.

Let’s look at the program’s details and the progress of the first-year students.

Amid the three Lviv universities cooperating with Lviv IT Cluster, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv is the leader in innovative bachelor programs implementation, offering 8 programs. This year we can highlight Software Engineering as the most popular program; 69 students have entered this program and will start studying in September; 6 of them have received a scholarship from the state.

Data Science & Intelligent Systems is the second program with the most significant number of entrants. 62 students will study there, 13 of them by the cost of the state.

Furthermore, let’s go through the other programs of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv:
  • 60 students applied to the bachelor’s program Data Science and Computer Science,
  • 56 people enrolled in the specialty Sensor and Analytical Systems,
  • 32 joined the HR Management program,
  • 31 students applied to the program Cyber Security
  • 30 graduates joined Statistics and Data Science program,
  • 13 people enrolled in the program Electronics and Computer Systems.

Lviv Polytechnic National University in collaboration with Lviv IT Cluster has developed 7 programs. This year the most significant number of freshmen will begin studying there (almost 700). This number represents one out of every eleventh entrant who applied to Lviv Polytechnic National University’s innovative programs. The most popular program is Cybersecurity; 260 people will study here. It is worth noting that IT Cluster has supported the preparation of an educational program for the specialization 0400 Administration of cybersecurity systems, which students will be able to choose after the first year of study. Computer Science program, which contains a sample block called Artificial Intelligence has been chosen by 120 freshmen. In September, 106 first-year students will study at Internet of Things, 70 students will join the  Business Analytics & Data Science program, 60 students will study Robotics, and 51 students will get into DevOps & Project Management. Furthermore, 23 students are interested in a completely new direction of IT Sales Management.

Finally, 30 people applied to the Cybersecurity program at Lviv State University of Life Safety. This year, no state scholarships have been available through the program.

This year’s admission campaign was notable not only for its record number of applicants but for the high passing scores of those who applied. The minimum score of students recommended for the state scholarship in Lviv Polytechnic National University educational programs Internet of Things and Business Analytics & Data Science amounted to 193.4 and 196.4. The applicants at the program Software Engineering at the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv have shown an even higher passing score of 197.4 points.

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