Lviv IT Cluster Signs Educational Memorandum with Partners

20 May, 2021

Vocational education in Ukraine only begins to transit from old teaching methods to modern and better ones. The information about the current situation can be found in the large-scale research conducted by the Ministry of Education and Science in 2020. Lviv IT Cluster constantly takes part in the improvement of the local education system. On May 14, the association signed the educational memorandum of cooperation within the Lviv IT Cluster Academy project on improving the educational process in higher vocational school №29 with the Department of Education and Science of Lviv Regional State Administration, Department of Humanitarian Policy of LCC, HVS №29, and creative center KIVSH.

The idea that vocational education needs reform goes back to 2020. Read more details on Lviv IT Cluster Academy here.

The partners discussed critical issues and agreed on cooperation in the following aspects within the memorandum:

  • updated curriculum 
  • modern labs for practical classes
  • modernized teacher training involvement of tech experts in the teaching process
  • student internships in Lviv IT Cluster member companies  
  • professional events for Lviv IT Cluster Academy students 

The points listed above are the components of the dual form of education, which provides a combination of production and educational areas for specialized personal training. The main changes that have already taken place are the distribution of study time between practice (70%) and theoretical learning (30%), block and study process, and learning results evaluation (based on the professional training indicators).

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With its member companies and the school’s experts, the Lviv IT Cluster team is working on reforming the curriculum and educational process in HVS №29 to account for all the specific issues and challenges that may appear during the course creation. One of the project’s creators, Sviatoslav Kavetskyi, Director of Industry Affairs at N-iX, shared his opinion about the project: “The Lviv IT Cluster Academy project is vital today. I have lived abroad where people who graduate from educational institutions such as colleges are completely ready to work in different spheres. They get practical knowledge, so after graduation, they have an academic base and professional skills. Hence they do not have to get a full Bachelor’s or Master’s degree to become, for instance, an accountant. That is why this project is fascinating. It would be great for students to take high positions in the tech industry after graduating from this school. At the same time, we do not mean that they cannot continue studying in higher education institutions after graduation from the vocational school if they want to. This project gives us an awareness that we are making the world around us better.”

This project is the first experience of Lviv IT Cluster and its partners in reforming vocational education. The first updated program for the “Information Processing and Software Operator” profession will start at Lviv’s vocational school №29 already this year. This project can solve a number of the most critical issues: boost the status of a vocational school graduate, increase the number of high-quality specialists and provide practical knowledge that allows graduates to work immediately after the program.

Are you interested in the project? Join us and learn all the program details and entry conditions here.

About our partners:

  • KIVSH is a modern creative space located on the former forklift factory in Lviv (Shevchenka St., 120). Today the project is at the stage of revitalization. The factory’s territory is being transformed into a multifunctional space where everyone can work, study, rest, create, do sports and simply enjoy life. KIVSH will combine five vectors: locations for work and partnership, educational events, art, sport, beauty and health, and food.
  • HVS № 29 is a vocational school where the first updated program for the profession of “Information Processing and Software Operator” will take place. The school actively works on improving the educational process for the specialists’ practical training and creating new, scientific, and practical centers in the institution.
  • The Department of Education and Science of Lviv Regional State Administration, Department of Humanitarian Policy of LCC, take part in project realization and work on reforms to be implemented in vocational education.