Lviv IT Cluster: Our Achievements in 2016!

26 Dec, 2016

2016 is almost over, so it is time to sum it up. Needless to say, that Lviv IT Cluster is ending the year with rather good results.

During the year, 25 new companies have joined Lviv IT Cluster – now the community consists of 63 companies. In total, the Cluster unites more than 8 thousand of Lviv IT specialists, which makes up almost 50% of all IT employees working in Lviv. This, along with other achievements, secured Lviv IT Cluster with the title of the best IT union of the year.

Remarkably, a lot of rather small companies have joined the Cluster this year. This means, that the future of Lviv IT industry concerns not only corporate giants.

untitled-8Organization’s projects are an important indicator of its success. For instance, a lot of people have heard about the Cluster thanks to Lviv IT Arena conference. In 2016 it reached the Eastern European level: 80% of speakers came from abroad (many from the USA) and for the first time all presentations were held in English. In total, Lviv IT Arena united more than 1800 participants. Moreover, there were 25 participants at Tech Expo and more than 100 startups applied for Startup Competition to compete for the best startup title. And the biggest achievement: Lviv IT Arena became the best tech event of the year for a second time according to DOU.

In 2016 Lviv IT Cluster implemented 9 projects, including 5 totally new ones. These are: IT Jazz conference, IT Jet, Futureland Festival, Innovation District IT Park and Bachelor’s Program Internet of Things.

Innovation District IT Park – the boldest investment project in Lviv. It is a complex of innovative buildings, which aims to provide Lviv IT industry with quality infrastructure. The launch of this project is extremely important for Lviv IT-sphere since it grew to the level when it can create new infrastructure, not only use the existing one.

IT Jet – a project which aims to expand the number of flights operating to/from Lviv International Airport. At the moment, air connection with the most important IT cities (New York, London) is rather bad. However, Lviv IT Cluster wants to change the situation. The first step has been made – a study of a number of flights conducted by Lviv IT employees. The study showed that IT specialists often use flights for business trips and the number of flights is constantly growing. IT Jet results will serve as a basis for negotiations with airline companies.

Futureland Festival – a festival of electronic music and technology. This year it took place as a closing party of Lviv IT Arena, but now it became an independent project. 2 DJs from the world’s TOP 100 DJ list – Netsky and Omnia performed at the festival. 4400 participants attended the festival, and next year we plan to double this number.
futureland-2IT Jazz – an investment conference, which united IT-experts, businessmen and representatives of authorities. During the event, participants could not only listen to engaging discussions but jazz music as well.

Bachelor’s Program Internet of Things – the only existing program of this type in Ukraine. It was launched in 2016 by joint efforts of Lviv IT Cluster member-companies. Currently, 50 students are studying at the program, 3 of them have received scholarships from the Cluster.
img_8615Other education projects have also shown good results. Lviv IT Cluster had gifted a 3D lab for Computer Science program at UCU. Furthermore, gymnasium “Yevshan” had received a computer lab and an interactive board, since its student became the winner of IT Competition. As a prize, he also got a 10 000 UAH scholarship.

Moreover, we continued to implement IT Expert project. In total, 30 workshops involving 20 experts from Lviv leading companies took place. This has led to improving the teaching quality in a total of 20 subjects. In addition, more than 1000 high school students and 25 experts took part in IT Future project.

Other projects have also seen dynamic development. For example, the loyalty program IT Club has increased the number of its partners to 280, and the number of people using discount cards increased by 3 thousand. In total, 8 175 people are using them. The project is finishing the year with the launch of a mobile app for Android and iOS. Now participants don’t have to carry plastic cards to get a discount – you simply need to download the app for your phone.

Also in 2016 we presented the results IT Research – a large-scale research of Lviv IT market. The presentation took place at the Machine Lab of Lviv Polytechnic National University and the General Assembly Meeting of Lviv IT Cluster was held afterwards. By the way, all the meetings this year were traditionally held in unusual locations: apart from the lab, these were a construction site, a tram depot and Audi center.

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This year was very successful for IT House as well. First of all, all apartments were sold out and the construction process is on the finish line. Secondly, construction of new houses is planned. This entails projects IT House 2.0, IT House Premium and IT Village. Pre-reservation is open, so everyone interested can already pre-book an IT-apartment or a cottage.


According to Lviv IT Cluster CEO Stepan Veselovskyi, the launching of new projects is an indication of how successful was 2016:“This year we have worked not only on our regular projects but launched a number of new ones. The fact that we have started projects such as Innovation District IT Park, IT Jet and new editions of IT House – is an excellent result of the year. What is more important – in the meantime, we have planned a few projects for the next year. In particular, we are planning to renew Lviv IT Tour project – a tour around Ukrainian cities aimed at sharing experience and establishing cooperation with IT communities all over the country. Moreover, we are planning to continue working on IT Research project. Now, Lviv IT Cluster has decided to research how IT influences related industries – banking sector, retail, services. For instance, how many workplaces in other industries, creates one workplace in IT” – says Stepan Veselovskyi.

Therefore, Lviv IT Cluster doesn’t stop to plan and work on projects in order to show even better results next year.

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