IT Education for Local Students

19 Oct, 2018

Last week a new stage of Lviv IT Cluster project – IT Future has started. IT Future is an educational project aimed to show 10-11 grade students the world of technology. Lviv IT Cluster representatives will visit schools in Lviv and Lviv region, and tell students how to start a career in IT, what are the prospects of working in the local technology industry, and how to enroll in modernized degree programs of the Cluster.

During the next semester, Lviv IT Cluster managers will visit 100 schools in Lviv and Lviv region.  Lviv IT Cluster is going to visit Dublyany, Pustomyty, Murovane, Mostyska, Truskavets and other schools to talk about perspectives of IT education. Students will find out the benefits of IT education and students from Lviv IT Cluster educational programs will share their impressions about studying tech at Lviv universities. This year IT Future will offer a more interactive program: students will have a chance to visit local IT companies and observe the work at tech industry from inside.

IT Future is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn about new educational initiatives at Lviv University. Many graduates are about to make a life-changing decision about their future education, and such meetings help them to learn things, they couldn’t during regular classes. There’s a certain level of skepticism towards Ukrainian education, therefore, it’s highly important to educate the youth about modernized degree programs aimed to provide students with high-quality, relevant and practical knowledge. With the support from IT companies, we raise a new generation of tech professionals who will be working on real projects starting with the beginning of their studies,” comments Khrystyna Martyniak, Education Manager at Lviv IT Cluster.

In 2017 Lviv IT Cluster managers visited 80 schools in Lviv and Lviv region. More than 2 thousand students learned about the perspectives of studying and working in IT. 1,100 students took a survey on technology-related interests and according to the results, 82% of students are interested in the innovational technologies, and 45% are going to enroll in the universities to IT educational programs. These results were confirmed the next semester, as 403 students started their studies at IT Cluster educational programs, learning IoT, robotics, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, data science, and others.

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