Love Forever: Buy a Brand T-shirt from Lviv IT Arena

02 Nov, 2016

A month has passed since Lviv IT Arena, though for Lviv IT Cluster team this event lasts for the whole year. We want it to last longer for you too, that’s why we decided to sell T-shirts with the conference logo.

We have T-shirts for every taste – you definitely will find something for yourself:

  • black and white polo with Lviv IT Arena logo and motto “Progress is my philosophy”
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  • grey T-shirts with big printed message “We change the future, we are the future”
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  • grey and white T-shirts with small printed message “We change the future”
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To order a T-shirt, please fill in the form. You will have to choose a T-shirt type, size and quantity as well as the preferred method of delivery. After that our manager will contact you and make sure you will receive the T-shirt soon! 🙂

Let the Lviv IT Arena last all year long!

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