Discussing Lviv IT Future at IT Research Lab

23 May, 2016

More than a hundred CEOs of Lviv IT companies gathered at IT Research Lab, the presentation of the biggest research of the city IT sphere. The event, which took place at Machine Lab at the Nationa University “Lviv Polytechnic”, united IT leaders to discuss the prospects of the industry and develop an action plan for the IT development in the city.

IT Research Lab presented the results of Lviv’s IT market main study: IT Research project.  It involved nearly two hundred companies to develop a comprehensive study of the industry. The study showed that Lviv IT is 14.4% of the city GDP, and 7.2% of the region GRP. The study created a profile of Lviv IT specialist , a 26-year-old man with IT education and four years of industry experience. Almost a quarter of IT experts work on their own startups, and most IT professionals are software engineers. IT Research also contains figures on the scope and prospects in the field. For example, 90% of CEOs consider IT environment to be good in the city. With more than 4,000 IT graduates each year, the local IT market is forecasted to grow at least 20% annually and already has 15 thousand IT professionals.

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“We interviewed experts, corporate executives, IT specialists and created a representative sample,” says Mariana Malachivska-Danchaka, CEO of sociological agency “Fama”. IT Research also analyzes statistics to give a complete image of the city IT market. “IT Research aims to show how effective the environment and the ecosystem in the city are. We are happy to know that nearly 84% of CEOs are willing to invest in the city in the future,” says Stepan Veselovskyi, Lviv IT Cluster CEO and organizer of the event. In addition, 85% of CEOs believe that conditions for IT business in the city will improve.

Besides presenting the research findings, IT Research Lab held a panel discussion, where IT managers formulated their own vision of the city. Together, they discussed the essence of IT city in ten years and the ways to get there. The main aspects of the IT hub determined the directors included a developed IT education and infrastructure, and the large number of foreign workers coming to work in the city.

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“Our main task is to increase the market of human resources and make it more qualified,” shares his IT city vision Taras Kytsmey, cofounder of SoftServe. He believes that Lviv needs more than 4,000 IT graduates to grow by more than a quarter every year. “We need to create an environment to develop startups and entrepreneurs,” continues Taras.

“In order to increase the weight and number of IT, IT specialists should become role models. It is necessary for the people not to hide that they work  in this field and earn money,” says David Braun, CEO of Template Monster. “We need to work on this message and develop an image of IT specialist people would like to follow,” he adds.

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IT Research Lab emphasized on the importance of attracting foreigners for the development of IT city. “We need foreign experts coming and working here, and seeing Lviv host 1 million people,” says Andrew Pavliv, CEO of N-IX and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Lviv IT Cluster. According to him, in ten years, Lviv should have more experts from other countries, who wish to join the local IT because of its prospects and comfort of work.

IT Research Lab brought together leaders of the city IT market and created a platform for cooperation in this dynamic field. Panel discussion gave everyone an opportunity to speak about the IT promotion, necessary projects, and prospects in the sector; and the event enables CEOs to find business partners while networking. IT managers also learned key industry figures that allow making predictions and developing further projects for the progress in the sphere.

“At IT Research Lab, we aimed to create an environment for networking and collaboration as well as attract more companies to joint projects,” says Stepan Veselovskyi.