Millions for the Ukrainian Armed Forces: How Tech Community Supports Army

The large-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, the aggravation of the situation at the borders, and the attack on Ukrainian cities united the IT community to provide support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Despite the tense situation, the Ukrainian IT business is making every effort to continue to work, pay taxes to the state budget and support the country’s economy in the most difficult times. In addition, IT companies donate millions of UAH to the army. This article presents more details on how to support the Ukrainian army through reliable funds as well as information about the companies that were one of the first to join the initiative.

In times of not only military but also information war, it is important to have access to up-to-date and proven sources of information, a list of charitable organizations and foundations. One such fund is Come Back Alive, which actively supports the army and raises funds. Most IT companies and businesses use this fund, but there are those who donate directly.

Lviv IT Cluster member companies have already transferred several million UAH to support the army. BotsCrew, GlobalLogic and Yalantis donated 1 million UAH each to the Come Back Alive Fund.

Intellias has made a charitable contribution of 600,000 UAH through the Come Back Alive Foundation. N-iX – 1,8 million to the Ukrainian military, of which 900,000 UAH were transferred to the Come Back Alive fund and 270,000 UAH were donated to the military; 630,000 UAH were donated for the purchase of mobile surveillance systems.

Avenga actively cooperates with volunteer organizations. At the moment, within the cooperation with the Lviv IT Cluster and the Come Back Alive fund, the company is buying computer equipment for the needs of the army; The company will also provide financial assistance in the amount of 2,300,000 UAH. The company raised these funds in just one day – 1,700,000 of them were collected by Avenga specialists, who gave up on their rewards.

In 2021, ELEKS donated 683,000 UAH to the Come Back Alive fund (excluding the personal contribution of specialists), and in January-February 2022 – 560,000 UAH. The company promises to support the Armed Forces on a permanent basis at least until the end of the year.

Softserve regularly supports the army through the Open Eyes Charitable Foundation. Last week, the company announced a joint collection of equipment for the needs of the Armed Forces together with the Lviv IT Cluster.

We want to emphasize that despite the events of recent days, the business continues its operation. The team of Lviv IT Cluster is currently monitoring the situation to see if there’s anything we can do to be of help. We are ready and prepared to provide all necessary assistance to all IT companies in different locations across Ukraine, whether they are members of the community or not. After all, peace, unity and support are just as important today as tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, and anti-tank missile systems.

Today, the Armed Forces can also be supported on the Official Portal of the Ministry of Defense, which accepts both direct charitable contributions and technical and medical support.

Photo: Come Back Alive