Lviv City Libraries are Transferred to the Cloud

21 Jun, 2019

In two children’s libraries of Lviv the program “E-library” is launched. According to the program, an electronic catalog and a visitor’s cabinet are installed in a cloud storage, which allows finding the book in the library and ordering it online.

The E-library program, in which the cloud operator GigaCloud provides computing infrastructure, is implemented by the Lviv City Council from 2018. It involves the creation of an electronic system for servicing and accounting books and services, the procurement of equipment and the computerization of librarians’ workplaces. The goal of the program is to automate library processes and release librarians from paperwork in order to communicate with visitors, create public events and cultural management.

“When all statistical calculations provide by the computer and introduce automation into the service, librarians will be able to change the vectors of their activities – to implement new services, to conduct social networks, to fill the website, to write grants projects, etc”, – says Anastasia Nechiporenko, chief specialist of the management department of cultural institutions in the Office of Cultural Affairs of Development Department of the Lviv City Council.

At the moment, work is still in progress on connecting to other children’s libraries program of the city and Lviv public libraries for adults.

There are currently 40 public libraries in Lviv, 23 of which are libraries for adults, and 17 are for children. About 100,000 users were registered in city libraries in 2018.

The national cloud operator GigaCloud operates in the market since 2016 and provides IaaS-services (Infrastructure as a Service) to corporate clients of any scale. The company opened its representative office in Lviv in April 2019.