Lviv City Council To Invest 15 Million UAH in IT House Road Reconstruction

27 Feb, 2018

The official presentation of IT House, the first in Ukraine apartment building for IT community, along with the excursion about the latest technologies implemented in the building’s construction took place today. Andriy Sadovyi, Lviv City Mayor who was present at the event, has promised to support the project financially by investing in IT House road reconstruction.

IT House is the first building for IT specialists, Lviv IT Cluster’s pilot social project, launched in cooperation with Lviv City Council and local IT industry. The construction of the house took 13 months and was officially finished on December 20, 2016. However, only today, the unique house for IT community was officially presented to the public.

According to Andriy Sadovyi, Lviv City Mayor, the city is planning to invest 15 million UAH to reconstruct the road which leads to the house. There is a possibility that the reconstruction will already begin at the end of this year, but the decision has to be approved on the next Lviv City Council session. Earlier, Lviv City Council provided the land plot for IT House for free.

IT House is the first successful infrastructure project of Lviv IT Cluster, our first try which was very successful, first of all, because of our fruitful cooperation with local authorities. It’s great that Lviv City Council shares our ideas, understands their importance for the city and has provided us with the land plot for IT House, in some way a social project for people with similar interests and ideas, for free. Our next project will be Innovation District IT Park, a large-scale tech park aimed to change the city’s infrastructure. The construction of IT Park will start at the end of this year”- says Stepan Veselovskyi, CEO, Lviv IT Cluster.

IT House is a 10-storey apartment building located in one of the city’s most perspective districts with an amazing view on High Castle, created for people with similar interests. IT House was built using the latest technologies for people working in the local IT industry. It’s a unique example of such buildings in Ukraine: people who live here aren’t just neighbors, but the community. Therefore, there are shared spaces for meetings, discussions, celebrations etc. –  a conference hall, shared hall with concierge and security.

There is also a playground, leisure area, sports zone for dwellers. One of the IT House benefits is a common rooftop with an amazing view of the High Castle Park. A terrace on the rooftop will be opened for all residents and used as a lounge zone. Another part of the rooftop will accommodate solar collectors which will produce 70% of the energy needed for water heating.

IT House is already finished. Due to a big demand and interest of potential customers, Lviv IT Cluster has plans to start new infrastructure projects – IT House 2.0, IT House Premium and IT Village. Moreover, the construction of Innovation District IT Park will start already this year.

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