Modern IT Education: IoT Bachelor’s Students Learning Project Estimation from the First Semester

30 Nov, 2016

Volodymyr Fedak, Solutions Architect at SoftServe and Assistant Lecturer at the Department of Computerized Automation Systems at UCU, co-creator of “Internet of Things” program at NULP shared his insights on effective project estimation with the students of IoT Bachelor’s program and UCU Computer Science program, developed together with Lviv IT Cluster.

Interactive workshop on “Estimation. How to count the project” included some theory, practical tasks and a couple of lively discussions. Volodymyr explained how the project estimation goes on and illustrated it with business examples, talked about goals and obligations, methodology and estimation approaches, as well as how not to make the same mistake again.

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An ability to estimate projects and their components is an important precondition of work in IT and especially in the field of Internet of Things. Unfortunately, right now IT experts get this knowledge from real projects, after they are employed in a company”, tells Volodymyr Fedak. “IoT and UCU Computer Science students master these skills during their first-second year of studies. I am confident that this will be very useful for them not only while starting to work at an IT company, in their own startups, but already in the course of their university studies”.

After the workshop, students had a chance to practice the recently acquired knowledge: based on the short project description they exercised in determining non-functional requirements, making and estimating user stories.

Students need to acquire the skills on projects estimation as soon as possible. IoT program is based on practical approach and literally from their first semester freshmen are working on their own projects, where this knowledge is applied in practice”, sums up Zenoviy Veres, IoT program initiator and Solutions Architect at SoftServe. “The sooner the students master these skills, the sooner they become conscious. This applies not only to IT projects but also to other aspects of life”.

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Students finished their studying day by training in presenting the projects, which they have been preparing during their first semester. Zenoviy Veres and Natalya Kuba, Training & Development Manager, provided their feedback for the presentations and advised how to make the presentation process more vivid and memorable. Students can use the received recommendations while preparing for their final project presentation that will take place on December 26.