Motivational Lecture by Andrew Pavliv: From Idea to Business

30 Mar, 2016

How to turn an idea into a successful business? How to transform a small team into a great company with offices in many cities? While we often hear about successful business examples, we rarely have the opportunity to listen to the people who embody them. IT Expert has given students a unique chance to meet with Andrew Pavliv, CEO of N-iX and ask him how he started his business. We share only a part of the ideas from the successful CEO, and soon, expect more information in our new project.[1] 7 1920

Andrew met with the students to tell how he started his business. This way, Lviv IT Cluster gives young people the opportunity to talk with the industry leaders and gain knowledge from them directly. The main thing, according to Andrew, is an idea that fires up the inspirer and gives confidence to others. CEO adviced to believe in one’s startup, but spoke how N-iX grew into a successful company from a startup.

The speaker also gave the students tips on the subjects worth studying to work successfully in IT business. In particular, Andrew emphasized on learning English, and advised to develop logical thinking skills and focus on mathematics and related subjects. According to CEO, students now have many opportunities through online learning.[1] 2 1920

“I believe that distance education today is very important,” says Andrew. According to him, students can learn more by themselves if they have the motivation and time-management skills.

What kind of skills are needed to succeed in business and what are Lviv’s perspectives when speaking about IT – you can find out next week.  Read our website and stay tuned for new projects we launch.