Bachelor’s Program “Internet of Things” was officially launched at Lviv IT Arena

12 Oct, 2016

Inauguration of the Bachelor Degree program “Internet of Things”, which was launched by Lviv IT Cluster in cooperation with Lviv Polytechnic National University took place on September 30.

The inauguration was held at Arena Lviv Stadium during one of the biggest tech-conferences in Eastern Europe Lviv IT Arena.

All those who contributed to launching of the program – Lviv IT Cluster employees, representatives of Lviv IT companies and, of course, teachers of the newly established program were present at the inauguration.

According to CEO of Lviv IT Cluster Stepan Veselovskyi , the development of Lviv and Ukrainian IT-industry is among the fundamental goals of the program “Internet of Things”.

“IT-market in Lviv is developing extremely quickly, that’s why it needs more qualified specialists. Unfortunately, our modern education is not able to meet this need. Lviv IT Cluster has started its work in direction of development of IT-education with its project IT Expert that enabled students to visit lectures of first-rate Lviv specialists. Now we are mature enough to establish new educational programs.  We’d rather create new things than waste time trying to fix old ones.  “Internet of Things” – one of the most popular directions in IT, its market is worth millions of dollars, that’s why this educational program has very big perspectives”.

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Undoubtedly, the program is bound to succeed. According to the program’s initiator Zenoviy Veres, it opens for Ukraine perspectives of developing its own products.

“I’m very proud that a new Bachelor’s Program “Systems Engineering” (Internet of Things) was launched in Lviv by joint efforts of Lviv IT Cluster and Lviv Polytechnic National University.  This makes Lviv competitive not only in the sphere of educational services, but also in terms of being attractive for investors and clients. We are sending the message: Ukraine – is a technological country, it has everything for establishing of research units and development of first-class products” – he says.

Zenoviy was among the first to start working on the program. However, a few dozens of specialists have been working together with him in team of organizers. They were developing the curriculum, finding sponsorship and lobbying allocation of state scholarships.

Now all the obstacles of launching the program are in the past. Teachers are now working with more than 50 first-year students, 20 of them got state scholarships and 3 – scholarships from Cluster member companies. One of the characteristic features of the program – students are working not only with teachers, but also with specialists from IT companies. This way, starting from the very first hours at university students are not separated from the industry, they get practical experience and are able to form a real idea of the profession.

According to organizers, the philosophy of the program lies in the fact that one has to forge ahead. Every year the scale of the program is going to grow: even more professionals will be involved in teaching, the technical basis will be developing and even more opportunities for practical experience will emerge.

“Of course, the program will be constantly changing, since this direction is a new one and it’s developing all the time” – says one of the teacher of the program, pH.D., Solution Architect Volodymyr Fedak.

According to him, it’s a great success that students have a chance to be in contact with experts all the time. This will help them to become professionals and get a job at the leading companies.

One of the goals the IT companies had when launching the program “Internet of Things” – to raise a new generation of skilled workers who can contribute to the development of IT industry in Lviv.

Constant communication with IT people – is also a great source of inspiration. Looking at them, the students will certainly want to reach the same professional level or even higher. Students got the first dose of inspiration at the inauguration – listening to the speeches of Karl-Henrik Nilsson and Borys Pratsiuk, who work at tretton37 and Ciklum respectively. Both of them are closely working with the direction Internet of Things, so they know how important and prospective it is better than anyone. Well, without doubt, such speeches are the best inspiration for successful studying.