The Most Ambitious Projects of Lviv: Lviv IT Cluster 2018 SummaryThe Most Ambitious Projects of Lviv: Lviv IT Cluster 2018 Summary

28 Dec, 2018
The end of 2018 is a perfect time to sum up all the results of Lviv IT Cluster activities. This year has been particularly successful for the organization: Cluster started many new projects, developed and supported ongoing projects and attracted new members! Today Lviv IT Cluster unites 95 members, 84 of which are IT companies, and also partners and universities.  


Modernization of IT education remains one of the priority directions of Lviv IT Cluster work, as the education trains professionals who will later shape the business environment in Ukraine. To raise the high-quality IT specialists, future competitors and business partners, Lviv IT Cluster works on three educational projects for school and university students:  IT Expert, IT Future and IT Challenge.
Under the IT Expert project, 4 new programs have been launched in 2018: Robotics, Business Analysis, and Cybersecurity in Lviv Polytechnic and Cybersecurity in Lviv State University of Life Safety. Thus, with the support of Lviv IT Cluster 9 educational IT programs for 741 students were launched. 80 IT specialists from Lviv tech companies worked on these programs. For the seven of these programs, Open Days were launched to promote them among school graduates. 4 innovation labs were opened: IoT lab supported by Intellias, N-iX, and Vakoms; DS lab supported by Intellias at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, and 2 IoT labs supported by Sigma, PLVision, SoftServe, Conscencia, Intellias, Perfectial, and Vakoms at Lviv Polytechnic.

The IT Future project has also shown significant results this year. In 2018 Lviv IT Cluster managers visited 100 schools in Lviv and Lviv region. 10 and 11-year students had a possibility to learn about perspectives of IT education, how to build a  career in IT and how to start their own professional path. Students from 50 schools also visited Lviv tech companies to see the inside aspects of IT specialists work.

The third educational program is IT Challenge – school IT competition for talented students organized by Lviv IT Cluster, Lviv Сity Сouncil and Lviv Polytechnic National University. This year prize fund was 10,000 UAH  for the competition winner, and computer class for the Lyceum “Lviv” – the winning school. The project aims to promote IT among students and popularize studying math and English.


On June 30, the biggest infrastructure project of Lviv IT Cluster – Innovation District IT Park – was officially launched. Innovation District IT Park is extremely important for the city and IT community – the $180-million worth project will become a space where IT specialists will work and study. In addition to office buildings and business centers, there will also be 2000 sq. m. of high-end laboratories, available to scientists and students from the major educational institutions of the city. By the end of 2018, 51,000 sq. m. contracts for anchor tenants are prepared and will be signed in the near future.

Moreover, a new infrastructure project of Lviv IT Cluster has started this year – IT Village. IT Village will become a new living space for IT professionals and a community of people with common interests. The complex of 17 hectares in total will consist of 133 separate houses in Nahoryany, 9 km away from Lviv. Among houses, there are 5 different projects of different size and design. For the inhabitants’ comfort, the territory will be guarded 24/7 and will include a recreational area, children’s playground, and a private park. A kindergarten and a supermarket will be located nearby. By the end of 2018, 26 land plots are already pre-booked. In 2019, the start of all stages of construction is planned, and also the start of construction of a kindergarten, gym, and supermarket. First clients’ contracts are already concluded and threshold payments & deposit money were collected.

The excitement about IT House demonstrated the Lviv IT community is in high demand for quality infrastructure solutions. Therefore, Lviv IT Cluster launched IT House 2.0 in 2018. Right now negotiations are under way for the new land plot option at Roksolany Street. It is expected that in 2019 the design part of the project will start.

IT Club

In November 2018, IT Club went beyond Lviv and started working in Kyiv and Odesa. In total, the program unites more than 650 partners in Lviv who offer special discounts and offers for IT Club cardholders – employees of Lviv IT Cluster member-companies. More than 85 IT companies and 15 000 IT professionals benefit from the IT Club loyalty program. The program is so popular in Lviv, that every 30 minutes new IT Club card transaction is made, and an average IT Club member visits at least 7 partners a month.


This year the most large-scale tech conference in Ukraine IT Arena celebrated its fifth anniversary. On September 28-30, IT Arena brought together many tech professionals from all over the world: 3300 attendees from the USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, Qatar, Portugal, Norway, Canada, etc.  Attendees of IT Arena 2018 had a unique chance to listen to eхperts from Facebook, Tesla, Google, eBay, Samsung, Gitlab, Taxify, SAP and others, have a chat with professionals and like-minded people, network a lot, find out the latest innovations from Ukrainian startups and have a great and productive time. At the conference, IT Arena Startup Competition was held. The prize fund of Startup Competition 2018 totaled more than $70 000. The winner of the competition became Liki24 – a platform that brings medical products, doctors, clinics, pharmacies, insurance companies, and clients together. The startup received $10 000 for the business development.

An annual conference Lviv IT Jazz took place on June 28-July 1 within Leopolis Jazz Fest. Representatives of the Ukrainian IT community, government officials, and investors discussed cooperation with public administration and investments in IT. Jonathan Woetzel, one of the world’s greatest economists and director of McKinsey Global Institute, became the keynote speaker of the conference, and the groundbreaking ceremony of Innovation District IT Park, one of the biggest infrastructure projects in Ukraine, the highlight of the conference.

Promotional projects

Launched back in 2017, ITID Lviv became the most popular printed magazine about IT industry in Lviv. The 1000 copies of the magazine are distributed at IT companies offices, coworking spaces, restaurants, cafes, and Lviv educational institutions. ITID promotes tech industry in Lviv and familiarizes readers with Lviv IT market news. ITID comes out quarterly and includes interviews with experts, articles, as well as pieces by member-companies.
This year Lviv IT Cluster became a partner of an online media resource Creatives. Creatives is an online magazine about creative industries leaders, slow media about successful Ukrainians from the creators of The Ukrainians. It is the second joint project of Lviv IT Cluster and The Ukrainians after the “Technology of Success” – a series of interviews with IT entrepreneurs.

IT Research 3.0.

For the third time, Lviv IT Cluster and sociological agency “Fama” conducts complex research of the Lviv IT market. Over the past 3 years, IT Research has become the most expected and large-scale study of the industry in Western region. IT Research is an important project for all the Ukrainian IT community: the results of the research are used by local companies, governmental institutions and far beyond the Western region. IT Research 3.0 showed that during the last year 70 new companies emerged in Lviv. The total amount of companies increased from 247 to 317. The annual growth dynamics of the number of IT specialists is 25%. The general impact of the IT industry on the Lviv economy is impressive: the economic effect of IT industry reached nearly $ 1 billion, compared with $734 million in 2016. The extended report of IT Research 3.0 is available here.

IT Law Committee

IT Law Committee provides legal services for all Lviv IT Cluster projects. In 2018, IT Law Committee provided than 100 of consultations for IT Cluster members and held 12 IT Law Committee meetings.
New projects

Lviv IT Cluster has launched the Lviv IT Cluster Portal, a platform with useful information, presentations, etc. for all member-companies, and R&D Committee.

2018 turned out to be a very productive year for Lviv IT Cluster, and we hope that future development will be even more successful! The Cluster starts the new year with the newly elected Supervisory Board Chairman Ivan Babichuk, and new ideas and energy. We express huge gratitude to everyone who helped to make our projects the reality. And on behalf of Lviv IT Cluster, we couldn’t be more grateful to Andrew Pavliv, CEO & Founder at N-iX and former Supervisory Board Chairman at Lviv IT Cluster. For the last four years, Andrew initiated the development of several infrastructure projects and actively worked on promoting Lviv on the global IT industry market.

Lviv IT Cluster has many ideas and plans, waiting to be implemented. We continue to work on Lviv and Ukrainian IT industry development to improve the reputation of the country on the global market!