The Lviv IT Cluster Meeting will be Held at the Tram Depot

09 Nov, 2016

The quarterly meeting of Lviv IT Cluster will be held on November, 17. As always, we have chosen an unusual location specifically for this occasion. This time, directors of Lviv IT Cluster member-companies will gather at the tram depot on Sakharova Street.

Choosing an unusual location – is already a good tradition. The previous meetings were held at the stylobyte of nearly finished IT House, a football stadium and a machine lab of Lviv Polytechnic National University.

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The meeting will be devoted to infrastructure projects, that are being implemented by Lviv IT Cluster: Innovation district IT Park, the launching of which was officially announced at Lviv IT Arena and Lem Station. Lviv IT Cluster already has plenty of positive experience with infrastructure projects. In fact, the construction work of Lviv IT House is almost finished – there are only two free apartments left.
The implementation of these projects is possible thanks to a fruitful cooperation of Lviv IT Cluster and local authorities. This proves that IT industry in Lviv has moved from the consumption of municipal infrastructure to creating its own. This is a huge step in the development of IT and the city.