The Best Employers Among the Largest Service IT Companies According to MC.Today

22 Jul, 2021

MC.Today conducted an annual anonymous survey among Ukrainian IT companies employees. Specialists from leading Ukrainian companies took part in the survey by filling out a questionnaire and evaluating their employer.

Overall, 13 000 questionnaires from 123 Ukrainian companies were collected for this survey. In the questionnaires, participants were asked to give “strongly disagree” to “strongly agree” reactions to five statements (e.g. “I’m proud to tell people that I cooperate with this company”, “People care about each other in this company”, etc.) After calculating the total number of points, MC.Today presented 100 best employers in three categories: less than 100 employees, between 100 and 1000 employees, and more than 1000 employees.

Lviv IT Cluster company members got shortlisted as the best employers among the largest service IT companies. Among them are Intellias, ELEKS, SQUAD, Sigma Software, SoftServe, DataArt, and N-iX. The companies’ employees claim that their employers create and provide a good workspace, offer additional training, and provide continuous development and improvement opportunities. They are convinced that they get a full spectrum of love and respect at their workplace and are proud of telling others about their job.

“Seeing seven Lviv IT Cluster members companies out of the total nine companies mentioned in the list of the best employers among the largest service IT companies is a great achievement to our community. We are sincerely happy with this result and wish only positive awards to all the companies in the future,” comments Stepan Veselovskyi, CEO, Lviv IT Cluster.