Lviv IT Cluster’s Сolossal Achievements of 2017

28 Dec, 2017

All of us like to sum up the results of the year before the new one. For Lviv IT Cluster 2017 was a very productive year, therefore we have decided to share the work we have done in all of our projects.  


Education is one of the priority directions for Lviv IT Cluster. In 2017, the Cluster continued modernizing degree programs at Lviv universities. Together with IT companies and academics, the Cluster launched four new innovative programs at two universities – Artificial Intelligence at Lviv Polytechnic, DS&IS, Data Science and Computer Science at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. All programs were developed by IT experts and university professors for education to meet the demands of the IT market.

The first innovative program Internet of Things was launched at Lviv Polytechnic in 2016. During 2017, the Cluster together with IT companies worked on creating the IoT Lab for the program’s students. The lab will have all the necessary modern equipment and will become a platform for students to create smart devices and engineering experiments.

There are 460 students studying on the Cluster’s programs.

Lviv IT Cluster is also working with school students. The Cluster’s education managers have visited 80 schools in Lviv with promotional lectures about IT industry within IT Future project. 30 of those schools were in Lviv region.


The construction of the biggest infrastructure project of Lviv IT Cluster Innovation District IT Park will start in spring. During 2017, the Cluster prepared all the agreements needed for the future construction. Few agreements have been already signed, among them LOI with future residents of IT Park, Head of Terms with one of the biggest players of real estate market, contract with the developer of Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw. Moreover, the strategy for Centre of Science for children and youth at IT Park has been developed.

This year IT House, the first apartment building for Lviv IT community has been fully commissioned. In 2017, the Cluster has created a working group for IT Village, a village with cottages for IT community. The location for the project was chosen (Basivka village) and the concept is already created. Moreover, next year the construction of IT House 2.0. will begin. The new addition of IT House will be located near Victoria Gardens city mall.


This year Lviv IT Cluster team risked and took up IT Tour, an adventurous 7-day trip to the biggest Ukrainian cities aimed to promote Lviv IT industry. Few meetups and lectures of Lviv IT experts were organized in Vinnytsya, Dnipro, Odesa, Mykolaiv, and Kharkiv during the tour. Moreover, Lviv IT Custer stopped by Mariupol with a charity visit. More than 1 000 people visited Cluster’s events during the tour.

One more event took place during the summer, during the jazz festival – IT Jazz. Lviv IT Cluster gathered Ukrainian opinion leaders, IT company CEOs, investors, and politicians to talk about the development of IT industry in Lviv, its influence on the city and the future. During the second day of the conference, Lviv IT Cluster presented the future project of Innovation district IT Park with new visualizations and details. The presentation took place in the area of future construction – around Stryiska, Chmoly, Kozelnytska and Luhanska streets.

The most expected and the biggest project of Lviv IT Cluster – tech conference IT Arena, took place on September, 29 – October, 1. This year IT Arena gathered 2300 participants, 80 speakers from the world famous companies, such as Cambridge Analytica, Amazon Web Services, Bluetooth SIG, Mind the Product, Bayer, Petcube, Hired, 500 Startups and many more. More than 30 startups from Ukraine battled during the conference Startup Competition and more than 2000 participants came to the incredible electronic music Futureland Festival.

IT Arena was covered by the well-known media, such as TechCrunch,, The Next Web and was recognized as the best tech event of 2017 in Ukraine, according to


The big goals are achievable. Lviv IT Cluster launched its own media, ITID Lviv magazine. It’s a promotional magazine, aimed to show Lviv not only as a city with charming cafes and beautiful architecture but also as the place with big human potential and modern technologies – a real Ukrainian IT hub. The magazine is published quarterly and includes articles and interviews with local IT experts. Lviv IT Cluster has published already the second issue of ITID Lviv with interesting articles and interview with local IT experts.

To inspire others, Lviv IT Cluster together with The Ukrainians has launched a new project called Technology of Success. There are already 6 published interviews with founders of Lviv IT companies with 120 000 views.

IT Club

IT Club loyalty program is growing. For now, IT Club has 550 partners in Lviv and Lviv region and 12 000 participants, who have a unique opportunity to use discounts, bonuses and special offers in cafés, restaurants, cinemas, quest rooms, online shops, and other services. 3200 users have downloaded IT Club app during 2017.

IT Research

Lviv IT Cluster wants to know everything about the IT industry in Lviv. In 2017, a large-scale analytic research IT Research 2.0. of the Lviv IT market was implemented together with the sociological agency “Fama”. 800 IT specialists and more than 20 experts have been surveyed for the IT Research to reveal how IT industry influences other fields in the city, how IT specialists spent their money, etc.

IT Research shows that currently there are 247 IT companies in Lviv with 17 000 IT specialists. IT industry creates 3,37 new workplaces in the city. The increase in the number of IT companies has grown by 30% compared to 2014, and the economic effect of the industry in Lviv equals 734 million dollars. For more details about the IT Research, download the report here.

On behalf of Lviv IT Cluster, we would like to thank everyone who supported and contributed to our projects this year. We have set ourselves ambitious goals in the upcoming 2018. We gladly invite you to join our new achievements and become a part of the big changes in Lviv and the IT industry.