New Educational Programs Launch at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv by Lviv IT Cluster

13 Jun, 2017 5

There is a new tendency in Lviv – universities are modernizing old educational programs or starting the new ones. Now it’s the turn of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv! With the support of Lviv IT Cluster, four new educational programs will be launched at the Faculty of Electronics.

The new programs are united under one name “Data Science & Intelligent Systems”. This is the Bachelor Degree Program that students can choose when applying to the university, and in the second year, they will be able to choose between four directions: Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis, Internet of Things and Smart Solutions & Intelligent Systems.

The main goal of new educational programs is to prepare IT professionals according to the new demands of the job market, says Roman Shuvar, Acting Head of the Department of System Design at the Faculty of Electronics at IFNUL: “Our local IT companies are now starting to develop new directions and offer their own research and products on the market. There is a big demand for professionals in Smart Solutions, Machine Learning and Data Science. Starting with the first year of university, students will focus on developing their own projects, working in teams, improving their English. We have to keep up with the times, do what is needed today. Together with the IT companies, we are working on the best result. University expects to have the more qualified graduates and the IT industry – to receive highly-qualified employees. Our goals coincide”.

The programs will be divided into three blocks: the first fundamental block includes basic academic subjects, such as Mathematics and Programming; the second block consists of more specialized subjects depending on the chosen directions and the last one presupposes more communicational subjects – teamwork, presentational skills, etc. since IT professionals on the current job market are often lacking those.

Anatoliy Shuparskyy, Solution Architect / Lead Software Engineer at GlobalLogic and an expert of the work group adds: “I graduated from Ivan Franko National University of Lviv as a specialist in Electronics and Radiotechnics. Thinking of those times, I considered the university as a place where I could get the fundamental knowledge. However later, having been working for more than 15 years, I was constantly self-educating. I had to learn on my own even some basic aspects of the IT industry, such as Internet of Things, in the context of real demands of the job market. I think that most of the university graduates had the same problem. I hope that my participation in the expert group will help the next student generations to learn what they will really need at work. They will build their career starting directly from the Faculty of Electronics and continue in the industry with the newest world achievements”.

IT specialists from such companies as PLVision, GlobalLogic, Epam, and SoftServe together with the professors and lecturers from Ivan Franko University are working in the expert group. It’s planned that with the financial support of Lviv IT Cluster and IT companies a new experimental laboratory will be created at the faculty.

Launching new educational programs at state universities is the first step to making demands of the job market closer to the classical education. The idea of education is changing: students don’t need any more to study just for exams, however, we offer them to create their own projects with the support of IT experts. IT industry needs innovators, people with creative thinking, who could start working directly after graduation” – comments Zenoviy Veres, Education Director at Lviv IT Cluster and Solution Architect at Softserve.

The students will learn how to develop computer systems for identifying human language; autopilots for cars and planes; models which will make decisions on what type of a product or service will be offered to clients depending on their interests; systems which will become intellect for computer games and in real time will learn from their own mistakes; through data analysis, they will be creating models for identifying online fraud.

Machine Learning and Intelligent System are the first programs in Ukraine included in the state university programs.

Last year, Lviv IT Cluster together with IT companies and university representatives launched the first innovative program –  Bachelor’s Program in IoT at Lviv Polytechnic National University. And starting from September 2017, a new program in Artificial Intelligence will start there.