New Lviv IT Cluster Member: Notebook Center

Notebook Center is a company that has been supplying laptops and other computer hardware since 2003. Due to direct contact with laptop manufacturers, the company offers competitive pricing to its corporate clients. In 2007, the company launched a repair service center, which soon became recognized and authorized by multiple vendors, including DELL, HP, Lenovo, Asus, and Acer. Currently, the company’s portfolio of repair laptop authorizations is the biggest in Lviv. The engineers of Notebook Center maintain continued education in the industry which assures the company’s attitude of being a reliable partner in hardware solutions and technical support for IT companies.

“Even though we are not a traditional IT company, we always had close working relationships with IT companies; perhaps, this is due to our shared vision of objectives, challenges, and solutions as well as our shared values. Today, we are excited to become a part of our city’s progressive community – Lviv IT Cluster. We hope to be useful to all participants and contribute towards the common goal of making our city more progressive and comfortable for living.” Oleksandr Bobkov, CEO at Notebook Center.

“It’s always a joy to welcome new companies to the Lviv IT Cluster, so I congratulate Notebook Center for joining us. Let participation in the country’s largest business community be an excellent opportunity to realize your ideas and plans, express your own opinion, and support the ideas and projects we are actively working on.” Stepan Veselovskyi, CEO, Lviv IT Cluster.