IT Club News: 16 new companies have just joined our loyalty program

21 Oct, 2016

IT Club community is growing! 16 new companies join our loyalty program and offer discounts for owners of IT Club card.

Here’s the list of our new members:

1. Create_eventstudioa 10-25% discount

2. Designer clothes studio Navna a 10% discount

3. Sports equipment store Terra Incognita a 10% discount

4. Electronics store Ябкоa 1-30% discount

5. Moving company Muraha a 10% discount

6. Anticinema Rockfellowa 15% discount

7. Grocery shore Susidya 10% discount

8. Lavash bar Zhovtyi visliuk – a 10% discount

9. Coffee House Black Honey a 3% discount

10. Locks manufacturing company Abusa 10% discount

11. Bike accessories store Brooksa 10% discount

12. Sports nutrition store Nutrixxiona 10% discount

13. Bar-restaurant Culta 10% discount

14. Outdoor activities club Kvadromotoa 20% discount

15. Cruise liner agency Inflota 50€ discount

16. Medical center Biomeda 10% discount

Come and use your discounts! Also, don’t forget to register your card to get the latest updates about new members of IT Club, discounts and events!

More details about IT Club you can find here.