InterLogic – New Member of Lviv IT Cluster

InterLogic is a Danish-owned IT company in Ukraine, that provides outsourcing of programming. The company’s main office is located in the citadel complex in Lviv. In addition, InterLogic has offices in Khmelnytsky, Uzhhorod, Gdansk (Poland) and Aarhus (Denmark). The company started in 2004 and keeps engaging more and more experienced professionals, besides it is an active participant in the Lviv .Net Community. Most of InterLogic’s clients are from Denmark, which is why Danish culture has integrated into many aspects of work processes. The main value of the company is people, so InterLogic does everything possible for their comfortable work and development – minimum bureaucracy and simple structure, modern technologies, and equipment for effective work, flexible schedule to ensure work-life balance.

“IT Cluster has influence and resources for implementing initiatives which would be very difficult to implement for any local IT company individually. We would like to contribute to that by suggesting new ideas for future projects and taking part in their implementation. We hope for a meaningful and fruitful partnership,” comments Igor Yevchynets, COO/CTO at InterLogic.

“We’re very glad that InterLogic became a member of Lviv IT Cluster community. We appreciate your attention to our projects that are aimed at the development of the IT industry in Lviv. I believe that our cooperation will be fruitful and launch even more successful projects together,” Stepan Veselovskyi, CEO at Lviv IT Cluster.