New R&D at CoreValue

28 Feb, 2018

Understanding the importance of investment in the future, CoreSearch is a new R&D initiative launched by CoreValue.  The department’s research and development activities will make innovations more accessible, as well as perform focused research on existent demand from experimental and innovation-sensitive customers and niche markets.  

The new R&D department will be headed by CTO, Lyubomyr Senyuk, who says, “Our new R&D department is an instrument for extending and improving our competencies. We have always been open to new ideas, and although many of us are already engaged in R&D, the establishment of the innovation-rich department is a much anticipated expansion.”
The department will focus on these research priorities:

  • Data Science.
  • IoT, VR and AR.
  • Distributed DB, Blockchain, Virtual assets.
  • Mobile solutions R&D.
  • Serverless architecture and distributed computations.
  • Enhanced Salesforce expertise.

The launch of the R&D unit will allow to further enhance the quality of the company’s services, and take it to the next level of technical excellence.

CoreValue Services is a US-based Software and Technology Services firm, providing Mobility, Cloud-based CRM implementation services and Mobile applications to industries such as Pharmatech, Healthcare, and Finance. Customers trust CoreValue to provide infrastructure services utilizing qualified and experienced staff in Data Science, Data Management, Database Services, Quality Assurance and traditional development.

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