Free Online Education Project IT Future: Next Generation Starts

01 Apr, 2020

Quarantine and changes in our routine are not a reason for a holiday. However, this is an excellent opportunity to step out of the comfort zone and to try the online education format. To increase your productivity during isolation time, Lviv IT Cluster launches an updated version of the project for school children called IT Future: Next Generation.

IT Future: Next Generation is a free online education project consisting of video tutorials, practical exercises, and webinars from leading IT experts. Classes will be held twice a week for a minimum of two months. The educational course will be interesting to 9-11th graders and teachers of information technologies.

“Due to the online study format, we engaged a lot of good IT professionals at Lviv Polytechnic,” says Education Director at Lviv IT Cluster Zenoviy Veres. “For example, one team of students worked with its mentor Dima Maleev, who worked in Thailand, and SoftServe architect Jaroslav Klochnyk conducted practical classes with students on a business trip to Australia.”


What does the course include?

Twice a week, for a minimum of two months, IT practitioners and industry experts will teach you programming and talk about the specifics of working in the IT industry. In essence, it’s a unique opportunity to learn the basics of how IT industry works, ask your questions to experts, complete practical tasks, and gain valuable knowledge.

“A bonus of this course is videos that students can view at any time. My students often share notes with their friends who study different subjects, as well as with classmates and teachers. As we know, because of quarantine schools are closed now, so I believe that we need to help students with educational support. Lviv IT Cluster is ready for an ambitious goal: to start teaching students of all schools, regardless of their level of knowledge and skills,” emphasizes Zenoviy Veres.

During a series of educational lectures, the best IT specialists will explain:

  • What are the IT professions,
  • Who are product and project managers,
  • What programmers do and don’t do,
  • What are the types of testers,
  • Who are the designers and what is UX,
  • The role of sales and how to sell a product,
  • Who are business analysts,
  • What role do architects play,
  • Data science and the magic of numbers,
  • Web and mobile development,
  • How Artificial Intelligence works,
  • How to create smart devices.

“First of all, we’ll describe the IT industry, the software development process, and the different roles related to a project; how to become, for example, a designer or data analyst. The course will be based on presentations from the Internet of Things program at Lviv Polytechnic. Subsequently, we plan to launch three parallel educational courses, so each student will have an opportunity to choose what he or she wants,” adds Zenoviy Veres, Education Director at Lviv IT Cluster.

Intrigued? To join IT Future: Next Generation and learn from the best IT professionals online for free, fill out a short registration form and answer some questions. Your opinion is important to us.

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