The Opening of KindGeek London HUB as the Launch of the New Office Format

21 Oct, 2021
IT company KindGeek has announced the launch of a new format of offices hubs that combine elements of a home, coffee shop, and classic office. The first hub called “London” has already opened in Lviv.

The pandemic has raised many questions about the classic concept of office work. Instead, the popularity of the remote work format, with the beginning of the pandemic, has only increased, because the ability to work remotely allows us to save time and money that we spend on getting to the office and back, organize a workday on our own and work from anywhere in the world. While it might seem that remote work only has advantages, the impact on the company’s corporate culture is not very positive.
for-fb2021-10-20-7 “The company’s culture and its values for technology businesses are now perhaps the most important differentiator in the market. It has become much more difficult to build and transmit it online without live meetings and the exchange of energy, which is possible only when you are side by side,Yuriy Gnatyuk, COO of KindGeek.

The necessity of finding an alternative model of working offline is now more relevant than ever – that’s why KindGeek offers a new office concept. The hub is a home, coffee shop, and office in one place, located on the ground floors of buildings in different parts of the city for maximum accessibility and convenience.
for-fb2021-10-20-5 In September, the first office of this new format was opened in Lviv on Heroiv UPA Street. KindGeek London HUB owes its theme to the company’s clients which are mostly associated with this city. The new office hub has 30 seats, which are more like tables in a cafe. They can be reserved through the internal system and to make it easier, each space of the hub is named after the branches of the London Underground. There is a separate meeting room for teamwork and soundproof booths for calls in the form of red telephone booths and due to the stage transformer, the hub can be easily turned into a lecture hall or a party area.

“The feature of the hub is the ability to feel at home, in a cafe, and in the office at the same time, to be flexible and adaptable,” Yuriy Gnatyuk, COO of KindGeek.

You can read more about the idea and concept of KindGeek London HUB in the article by COO of KindGeek Yuri Hnatiuk on