Blockchain Summit Kyiv

25 November 09:00 Kyiv

Blockchain Summit Kyiv 2017 is a grandiose event, where 20 world known experts from the sphere of cryptocurrency and technology Blockchain are meeting to share their experience in working-out interesting solutions using technology Blockchain.

Ukraine is one of three world leader in working-out Blockchain technology. There are all conditions for creating a permanent communication platform for Blockchain-society.

Many people had heard about cryptocurrency at least once, but they are scared to use it in their daily life. As usual, the reason is next: users don’t know how all financial systems work.

For Blockchain and FinTech experts, Blockchain creators, investors, entrepreneurs, financiers, banks, law proficient, representatives of payment systems, government organizations, insurance and finance companies, and Blockchain- enthusiasts, who already know about advantages new technology.

Description of streams


You will know how to use Blockchain in financial sphere and how to earn money with help of this technology.

  • How to make your status bigger with help of cryptocurrency.
  • What it is ICO and how to be its participant.
  • Future of home mining and industrial.
  • How to use cryptocurrency in your own business.
  • Legal aspects of cryptocurrency and Blockchain.
  • What trends and future of Blockchain, Bitcoin, ICO.


Experts will show you technical aspects working-out products on Blockchain.

  • How to tune home mining correctly.
  • Industrial mining (for those who have at least 50 pieces of equipment).
  • How and where to get earned with help of mining cryptocurrency.
  • What accessories to use for assembly.
  • How to monitor a large number of farms for mining.

The first speakers have already confirmed their participation

Dmitry Machihin – Bitcoin entrepreneur since 2012, blockchain consultant, networker, co-founder Eberhard Lindfordt
Yuri Kotlyarov Partner, Head of TMT Practice, JUSCUTUM Legal engineering
Stanislav Podyachev – Founder
Dmitriy Kryshtal – CEO of the Ukrainian branch A2B.Direct
Alex Momot – CEO Remme, BDM Hotmine, Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine Board member.
Andriy Velykyy – Managing partner of investment group

We are waiting for you on November 25 at the Oasis Concert Hall in Kyiv.
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