Data Science UA Conference

24 November 10:00 Kyiv

The development of data-technology is incredibly fast. Companies that do not use data analysis are difficult to compete with others. Facebook, Google, Amazon – IT giants who created personalized offers to customers precisely because of the information they have.

On November 24 at Data Science UA Conference, we will bring together more than 500 developers, innovators and entrepreneurs to study complex algorithms such as large neural networks, speech recognition and image recognition, predictive models, and more.

Data Science UA is:

  • 500 participants
  • 20 speakers
  • 3 streams
  • 10 hours of network

5 Reasons to visit the Data Science UA conference:

  • Learn new machine learning and computer vision cases that are not yet spoken in every office
  •  Get to know the best engineers and developers in the field
  • Opportunity to learn more about the companies working with data and even get a job
  • Portion of professional motivation and inspiration
  • 10 hours with people on same wave and cozy after-party

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Venue: Concert Hall Oasis, Kyiv, st. Lipkivsky, 1A, “Ultramarine”, 3rd floor

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