EPAM Design Hiring Week | 25 – 29 October (online)

EPAM Design Hiring Week | 25 – 29 October (online)

25 October 10:00 online

EPAM invites you to participate in EPAM Design Hiring Week and become part of the EPAM team of experts for 24 hours and receive a sign-on bonus for joining: Middle – $1000, Senior – $2000, Lead and higher – $3000!

4 steps of participation in
EPAM Hiring Week:


📌Receive a message that your participation has been confirmed.

📌Take an online interview for the week of October 25-29.

📌Join the EPAM team and receive a bonus for joining from $ 1000 to $ 3000.

Why participate in EPAM Hiring Week and join our team:

  • We work with clients as partners, we have no “outstaffing” positions
  • Customers recognize us as technical and business advice. We have extensive experience in the industry, so customers listen carefully to our proposals.
  • All of our technical managers and architects communicate with high-quality technical staff of clients, up to the level of technical manager.
  • We make technical decisions about the project. In some projects, we lead the customer’s technical teams.

Learn more and register by the link

In case of any questions, please contact: Kateryna_Golovinova@epam.com.

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