Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

06 February 00:00 Other countries

Bulgarian ICT Cluster is looking to support and fund people with business ideas and start-ups form Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova and Ukraine to participate in Erasmus for Young entrepreneurs programme.

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs gives an opportunity for new entrepreneurs to spend  1 to 6 months in another European country working and learning from an experienced entrepreneur.

Bulgarian ICT Cluster supports participants with a grant to cover their costs of travel and accommodation to and from the country of the Host Entrepreneur. ICT Cluster supports entrepreneurs during all the phases of the programme, including the development of the Business Plan, the research of the host or new entrepreneur and the realization of the exchange.

This 1-6 month EU programme is a unique way to:

  • gain access to the European market
  • exchange knowledge and business ideas within the sector of your choice
  • gain access to crucial on the job training
  • explore new markets and develop new business contacts.

Erasmus also allows for established businesses to act as a ‘host’ and to welcome a European entrepreneur to work with them.

For more information, please, contact Krasimira Shindarova

email: krasimira_shindarova@ictcluster,bg

tel: +359 489 97 44;

or visit the programme’s website:


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