JS Fest 2019 Autumn

08 November 09:00 Kyiv

JS Fest 2019 Autumn invites to conference devoted to JavaScript development!

JS Fest will be held for the third time and will traditionally bring together 600+ developers. The organizers guarantee a friendly atmosphere and international experience, as the talks will be from the best experts from the United States and Europe.

You will be excited about the atmosphere of fresh JS-trends and productive studying. Among the themes of the autumn JS Fest: frameworks, js backend, embedded & mobile, AI + JS, architecture & design, testing, gamedev.

The first speakers are added, and among them:

  • Asim Hussain, Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft. Helps developers to write JavaScript applications on Azure and Microsoft cloud platforms. Has more than 18 years experience in Google, Microsoft and the European Space Agency.
  • Dr. Venkat Subramaniam will come to Ukraine for the first time. He is the author and founder of Agile Developer, Inc., the creator of agilelearner.com. Venkat – co-author of several technical books, one of which – “Jolt Productivity 2007” – was awarded the Practices of an Agile Developer Award.
  • Rowdy Rabouw is a web developer with more than 20 years of experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Has been working freelancer since 2004. He is now a leading developer of JavaScript and NativeScript projects.

Remember about an amazing atmosphere of the conference: new acquaintances, networking, prizes from partners, and traditional Afterparty.

Details: http://bit.ly/2NGCFFH
Lviv IT Cluster members are eligible for a 10% discount with promo code: D-ITCLUSTERLVIV-10

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