Very Late TechBreakfast: “AI Workshop: Computer Vision Tools”

19 December 18:30 Lviv

On December 19, Waverley invites the Data Science community to a Very Late TechBreakfast: “AI Workshop: Computer Vision Tools” with Andriy Osetrov, Data Science Engineer at Waverley Software.

Andriy is a Machine Learning Engineer with over 10 years of R&D experience. He is experienced in Machine learning, Deep learning, heavy algorithms development from PoC to production stages, and support in the following areas: Finance, Healthcare, Sound analysis, Text processing (NLP), Computer vision, etc. Also, Andriy leads the Data Science Competence at Waverley.

Workshop key-points:

  • image pre-processing flow
  • object recognition
  • image classification
  • optical character recognition
  • common tools basic description

Basic language: Python / Jupyter. The event will be interesting for those who already work in the Data Science field. Please, bring your laptop to be able to take part in the practical part of the workshop.

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