Linux Future Bootcamp #3 in Lviv

15 August 09:00 Lviv

PLVision tech experts provide you with a great free opportunity to become more valuable engineer on the market.

Our 2-week morning intensive course will give you a chance to work with innovative products (e.g. Stratum: Network Operating System, SAI), therefore your professional growth is guaranteed. 

If you have prior experience in C programming, welcome to the course.

Agenda of Linux Future Bootcamp includes:

  • Everything you need for your everyday development: Git, Bash (Linux Shell), Networking Basics, Multithreading, Inter-process communication, and more.
  • Professional experience shared by PLVision experts who have been working in the networking and embedded systems domains.
  • Boosting your communication and self-presentation skills: everyday business English, presenting demos, etc.

Two weeks 15/08/19 – 30/08/19

Mon-Fri from 9:00 till 12:00

On Saturdays knowledge evaluation

How much does it cost? – The course is FREE, yet the access is limited, so hurry up!

Don’t miss your chance to work with the world’s top 5 networking hardware manufacturers.

Why Linux Future?

Did you know that Linux, the most-prominent free and open-source OS available to everyone in the world, is written in C.

Did you know that C is the most common and used programming language in the embedded world.

Did you know that even the world’s most used operating system Windows for decades has been powered by a kernel written in C. Check it here.

That’s why, knowledge of C programming will guarantee you a vast variety of top future projects for the next 10 years.

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