LITS is looking for a MeteorGirls!

12 March 10:00 Lviv, LITS office, Stryiska 33

Become a Supergirl – create a modern realtime app in just a fraction of the time.
We’re looking for hot, naked and ‘into programmers’ (joking but would be nice) girls who wanna become a team member of IT spaceship ‘Meteor Girls’.

Are you highly motivated? Can you deal with HTML and CSS? Is your English on Intermediate level? If you’ve got 3 ‘yes’, then don’t hesitate and join us. During our 4 hour trip you are going to create your first reactive app in MeteorJS. Building apps is faster than you’ve ever thought. Handsome, sexy and hyper intelligent crew commanders, who are professional programmers, gonna supervise you and are eager to help anytime. To become a crew member you need to have a Macbook or a laptop with installed Ubuntu (a virtual one is suitable too). And you have to write a motivational letter to convince us to choose you among other hundred girls who wanna become a part of this adventure. Our space trip is free of charge.
Don’t miss an opportunity to learn to program with MeteorJS. Set off to the cosmic world of programming with us.

The spacecraft is gonna launch on March 12.

Team selection is lasting till March 4.

To become a crew member fill in the registration form.

SCHEDULE  (Saturday, Mar 12 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM):

– Introduction;
– Why is Meteor awesome?
– Tutorial;
– How to use HTML and CSS to make webpage;
– Tutorial;
– JavaScript;
– Tutorial;
– The final presentation.
Event registration