Lviv .NET Community Meetup #1 Reload

01 December 18:30 Lviv

The first meetup of our “reloaded” Lviv .NET User Group will happen on the 1st of December in SoftServe’s headquarters which is located at Sadova 2A st. –

We have already planned a lot of breaking changes next year so the name of our meetup speaks for itself.

What is awaiting you?

First of all, we are going to talk about our new format of meetings, will welcome the old-timers and cheer up newcomers.
Then we’ve got two speakers for you all:
Igor Fesenko – С# Internals
Yevhenii Pinkal – Microsoft HoloLens: Quick Start into Mixed Reality World

Moreover, after listening to our speakers, we will make the panel discussion on various topics – .NET, Microsoft, Lviv, community, et cetera.

And count on that we are finishing our user group on a Friday night, so there would be an afterparty, the thing that you just can’t miss!

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