Modern Concurrent Multi-User Collaboration Applications | Terrasoft TechPoint

28 February 19:00 Kyiv, Lobanovsky ave., 115A; Terrasoft office

Terrasoft company invites JavaScript developers to the open meetup, called “Modern Concurrent Multi-User Collaboration Applications | Terrasoft TechPoint”.
For whom: JavaScript developers of all levels from junior to architect, who are going to implement features related to multi-user collaborations or start new online projects.

You will learn:

– How to choose a platform and tools for service creation;

– How to grow expertise and build processes in a team;

– Possibilities when using 3-rd party components;

– How to prepare statements and prototypes of solutions at each stage;

– What can help in getting the first results;

– How to avoid major mistakes in the planning and organization of the development process.

The program:

19:00 — 19:45
Selection process of architecture and tech stack
Speaker: Vladimir Nikonov, Head of Development Department, Terrasoft. An expert in the field of application design with experience of more than 10 years. The core tech stack is C # and JavaScript.

20:00 — 20:45
Organization of Multi-User Collaboration
Speaker: Dmytro Pavlov, Head of Development Department, Terrasoft. An expert in the design and development of full stack applications.

Registration is required.

Useful content, pizza, and gifts for interesting questions waiting for you.

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