Node.js – Make Your First Steps

24 June 18:30 Lviv, Sheptytskoho street, 16

Don’t miss the opportunity to make the start of your week productive, useful and full of new knowledge!
Learn essentials and make your first step to becoming the developer of the most demanded language right now.
During the 1,5-hour lecture you will learn and understand:

  • Why this language is so powerful and widely used nowadays.
  • What amazing things you can build with Node.js.
  • The difference between Node.js and JavaScript. How it works on the server.
  • Asynchronous concepts of Node.js: how to work with it properly.
  • The most common technical stack – MERN.
  • Junior Node.js back-end developer checkbox.
  • Opportunities: where, why and how you can dive into learning Node.js.

Coffee break and networking also included 🙂

18:30 – 18:45 – registration
18:45 – 20:15 – speaker’s lecture
20:15 – 20:45 – coffee break & networking

Event registration