NostalGeek Party

15 June 19:00 Sakharova 37, LITS, Lviv

Would you like to go back to the world of your childhood? To the time when the room was filled with a pleasant flickering of the screen in the evenings, and under the sounds of 8-bit music, adventures began in the mysterious virtual world.

Let’s Go to the NostalGeek Party! And you will never forget this evening! The theme party inspired by the stylistics of the Geek era of the late 1980s and early 1990s gives you an opportunity to be in a dizzying atmosphere!

We will recall your favorite gaming characters from your childhood in the fascinating AR-quest! Stacks of comics and dozens of console games will be waiting for you here! And many other interesting activities that will not let anyone be bored! Add more fun memories and emotions to the usual routine! It’s a great way to spend the Friday night!

Do you have a kid? Take it with you! We will be happy to meet the whole family at our party!


As part of the event, you will also be able to learn about a lot of other interesting events that UTrend is preparing for you! Experimenting with consciousness, strategies for confronting artificial intelligence, courses that will make you a Pro! And this is still not all!

And you know who else is with us? Lviv IT School and the Institute of International Academic and Scientific Cooperation!


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