PechaKucha SocialNight for the first time in Lviv!

24 December 19:00 Lviv, the hotel "George", 1 Mickiewicz Square.

PechaKucha SocialNight For the first in Lviv

DURATION: 19:30 – 22:00

FORMAT: PechaKucha

  •  20-25 slides
  •  6 minutes 40 seconds
  • 8 speakers


(minimum value – 200 UAH, and if you want and  have the opportunity to increase the charitable contribution – then welcome 🙂



THEME: “Do, what you love”
We prefer to live and work in a new way :). Make our choice freely and not be forced to start up the tractor through the closure of offices and relocation. If you do what you love and believe in it – success is inevitable :). Maybe not immediately, but it can be achieved. Fortunately, there are many people and companies who see not only “cons” in some situations, but arguments to reform its work and output it to a new level.

Our last event in this year is dedicated to this theme – we are taking up, building plans and believe in ourselves

* Everybody remember that we’re all people and each of us is a particle of heat – we decided to organize:

PechaKucha SocialNight on the social basis – the money raised from ticket sales (* excluding the administrative costs) will be donated to children with the special needs ERC “Dzherelo” in Lviv for the support the program ” hydrotherapy”.

The Center has a specially equipped swimming pool, where the highly experienced rehabilitators daily work with the children. And their work is very important  and it helps a lot to the children with  the special needs. For the work of this program requires a quality maintenance and care of pool, filters and staff. The raised funds will help the Center to provide the hydrotherapy classes for half year for 100 children who daily work by the program of ” Dzherelo”.
The action “With love in the heart” – take part in the PechaKucha SocialNight and bring with you a piece of the goodness for children – inmates of the orphan home “Dobre Sertse” (Lviv region, Busk district, v. Novyi Myliatyn).

19.00 – 19.30 – Registration, coffee, sweets, performance band 🙂 – cozy, warm, friendly and fun
19.30 – 19.40 – Opening
19.40 – 20.40 – PechaKucha: Dmytro Hadomskyi (lawyer, a partner at lawyers’ association “Juscutum”), Andrii Sambir, Dmytro Malieiev (Director of Lviv Code School), Mykhailo Lazor (Director of the Lviv branch of IT-company EPAM Systems), Dmytro Kosariev (CEO and Co-founder of N-iX and Lviv QA School).
20.40 – 21.00 – questions – answers
21.00 – 22.00 – networking + music fun

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