Business Breakfast with Orysya Skliar

12 December 09:00 Lviv

New horizons always give us some new bar, depending on what kind of manager you want to become. Our behavior, our desires, in any case, leak, become apparent and displayed on our customers and sales. Someone goes out of his hidden needs to hide deep inside, and someone squeezes them out like a toothpaste outside and this is not pleasant to everyone. Therefore, in order to understand who is in front of you: a good salesperson or not, we invite you to a business breakfast!


Orysya Sklyar is a CEO and Founder of Zozoola (, Director of Business Development (BD) at Lviv IT School, a speaker at BD and Sales Conferences. More than 10 years in IT allow you to tell from your own experience what it means to manage sales processes. A regular sales and marketing training organized by Orysya for small and large IT companies in different parts of the country inspired her to open her own firm, helping other companies to identify their business goals and their “customer” search. Orysya is always sincere and open to your questions, so interesting discussions are guaranteed!

Together with Orysya, we will talk about:

  • Sales in the IT field
  • How to create your own business from scratch
  • Life abroad

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Lviv, 28, Prospekt Shevchenko, restaurant “Grushevsky cinema jazz”

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