Product Meetup Lviv: Design Systems Iceberg

14 August 19:00 Naukova 2B, Symphony Solutions

While being integrated into one of our clients’ product design team and working on defining their design system Andrii have learned that the system itself is only a small portion of the work. There’s a large chunk of work that needs to be done for it to see the light of day and start working.

During the meetup we’ll talk about:

  •   Value of design systems and different kinds of them
  •   Designer vs product manager vs executive approaches to this topic
  •   Couple of ways to bridge the gaps that worked in Andrii’s case

If you are a product manager, or designer, or project manager, or you are simply going to grow in that direction, or maybe you just want to listen to Andrew, welcome! We will share our experience, some life-hacks, ask questions, meet with colleagues and have a great time.

Andrii Glushko, Associate Design Director, North America. Andrii is an HFI Certified Usability Analyst, with 10 years’ experience in user-centered interface design. Andrii is passionate about good design, focusing on problem-solving, and covering full cycle interaction design and experience design strategy for both B2C and B2B products.

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