Product Mindset

07 December 10:00 Lviv

Product Management Community in cooperation with Product Management Office SoftServe launched the 2DAY Product Mindset Workshop which will take place in Lviv on December 07-08. Their goal is to give a structured approach on how to explore your customers, find their core problems, and build products around customer needs. No “believes” or “gut feelings”, only arguments based on facts and data.


Day 1: From raw data to product hypotheses.

Where hypotheses come from? A comprehensive view on the market and competitive landscape, qualitative and quantitative methods of user research, product analytics. A detailed guide on how to work with market problems and hypotheses, how to shape and prioritize hypotheses, what is problem and solution hypotheses, why and how to validate?

Day 2: From hypotheses to building a solution.

Deep dive into the product development lifecycle: Build-Measure-Learn cycle, MVP, building goal-oriented roadmaps, shaping the processes in product teams, PRD / MRD; Sales and marketing: how to build channel and communication strategy of your product around customer needs and gains.

Workshop trainers: 

Participants will be PRE-SCREENED before ticket purchase to evaluate their professional level. Organizers want to the group where you will get the most value from the workshop. Please fill in this form


Early Bird ( November 13 – November 25)   – 175 USD

Bird (November 26 – November 30) – 250 USD

Late Bird ( December 01 – December 07) – 320 USD

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