From developer to architect – Architecture for Scale

28 November 19:00 Lviv

In this session we’ll walk through the pain points developers feels while designing a feature/system. We’ll see what are the options that stand today and we at Playbuzz decided to tackle them throughout the product life-span. We’ll start from the first architecture and how it allowed Playbuzz to scale the business, continue with some tools from the architect toolbox for scale and review some more advanced methods in architecting high scale web platform with specific examples from my Playbuzz experience.


  • Who am I
  • Brief introduction to playbuzz
  • Review of playbuzz first architecture
  • Pitfalls on starting new architecture – specifically technology stack decisions
  • Caching as scale mechanisms – pros, cons, and use cases
  • CDN for static and dynamic content delivery
  • Evolutions in our architecture
  • Microservices (super brief mention as a step)

Event-driven architecture for a-sync.


Experienced (2+ years) developers that looking to pursue the next step in their career.

We assume basic knowledge in web development and server-side development.

The talk is more focused on the segment that looking for a professional career path.

About speaker: 

Chen is Playbuzz first employee and currently serve as the company architect.

As the architect, Chen responsible for planning, design and follow the company tech features and process as well as bring new initiative to accommodate the business needs. His specialization is in the fields of web-site scaling, infrastructure, data pipelines and cloud architecture.

He currently works on projects such as developers development and migrating micro-services mesh to event-driven architecture.

He holds a B.Sc in Computer Science and Economics from Tel-Aviv University and is currently finishing M.Sc in information systems management with research in the field of digital experiments and the role of websites in the new social era.

There will be live translation of the event.

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