Workshop on cross-cultural communications and increasing sales efficiency in IT outsourcing to Europe and America

29 January 09:00 Lviv, Adam Mitskevych sq, Hotel George

January 29-30 there will be held a workshop on cross-cultural communications and increasing sales efficiency in IT outsourcing to Europe and America

Speaker – Jennifer Roberts:

Jennifer Roberts is the CMO and co-founder of A graduate of the Yale Law School,
Worked at Google Argentina, Buscapé, and at a local startup incubator.  An American, native speaker of Spanish and English, also fluent in Portuguese, Turkish, and French. currently lives in Antalya, Turkey. Was chosen one of three top speakers on the recent Outsource People 2016 Sell more – globally

Jennifer Roberts, on behalf of Ekipa is offering its exclusive Intercultural Sales Cycles workshop covering all aspects of selling, fulfilling projects, and customer service based on real examples of interactions across cultures.
We’ll start with the major differences between your culture and that of USA/UK/EUR clients – those one, that affect your sales. Then we’ll take you through every aspect of a complete project sales and fulfillment cycle, from marketing, to sales, to fulfillment, and ongoing customer support. We’ll use actual examples from your team’s work to see how interactions can be improved, and do in-person exercises designed to give you more insight into what your clients need.

We will cover the following topics:

  • US-Ukraine outsourcing Market:
  • Cultural background of business in the US and Ukraine – similarities and differences
  • What US companies expect of teams they partner with
  • Difference between startups, medium and large corporations
  • Worries and concerns of outsourcing
  • Identify steps in sales process to improve and key traits to work on

Lead generation:

  • How to target the right leads and approach them
  • How to impress USA clients with your promotional material
  • Real life critique of participants’ material
  • What to do, what to say: selling in writing and in person
  • How to identify a warm vs. cold lead
  • Answering objections: real life practice
  • When to reach out, when to back off
  • Converting a Lead to a Client
  • What your USA client expects in the sales process
  • Assertive vs. stubborn, accommodating vs. pushover: avoid misunderstanding
  • Real life practice of sales mannerisms
  • What not to do when negotiating a contract
  • Fulfillment
  • When do timelines matter, and when can they be changed
  • How often to check in with your clients and how
  • How to make sure they’ll be happy with the final product
  • How to make sure you’ll get paid for your hard work
  • Customer satisfaction
  • How to turn complainers into repeat customers
  • Situation management: what to do when something goes wrong
  • Get awesome client reviews, every time

Feedback from participants of the similar workshop in Kiev:

This workshop could be interesting for:

  • Directors, CEO, COO, CMO, CTO
  • Sales, account, project managers of ІТ outsourcing companies

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